$300 Million Plan For Renewable Diesel Fuel Refinery in Port Arthur

We’ve seen how this works with ethanol. Corn prices shot right up because corn is the primary ingredient, along with a lot of water, for making ethanol. Producing ethanol, it turns out, is quite hard on the environment as well as on vehicle components. Now there’s a company in Chicago that has plans to sink $300 million (most of it your money) into constructing a renewable diesel fuel refinery to be located in Port Arthur. The diesel plant’s purpose is to provide military grade fuel from organic sources, like vegetable oil or animal fats. Using food for fuel drives up the cost of food, which is exactly what happened with corn. In this case, the information released on the company’s website says they will use a “wide range of non-edible oils” in their diesel fuel refinery. I’ve seen stories about using prairie grass, something we don’t eat, and it looks very promising. Using prairie grasses to produce renewable diesel fuel could be very beneficial to the environment while not driving up the cost of people food. Prairie grasses are drought tolerant, provide food and cover for a wide range of wildlife, and it grows year round without needing replanting every time it’s harvested. We have no idea what they intend to use and frankly speaking, there are a lot ways to interpret the words used to describe the oil they talk about using. Non-edible oil doesn’t mean non-edible vegetation. It just means the oils derived, processed and ready to be used will be “non-edible”. We look forward to learning more about their feedstock source and supplier.

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